How to create and send a contract 

Creating binding contracts between you and your clients helps set expectations and keeps both parties accountable for what was agreed upon.   

  1. First, you have to go to your project you want to send the contract for. If you don’t already have a project and/or looking to create a general contract, then see instructions for How to create a template without a project.
  2. Now, within your project, you will see a tab called Documents. You will want to click on that tab. 
  3. Then, select Add New Document.
  4. Select your Document Type, which in this case would be Contract.
  5. Next, you can select a template that you have already created OR Create from scratch (This creates a document proposal just for this project).
  6. If you already have a template you’d like to use, select it and then hit Add document to project.

Otherwise, select Create from scratch to be sent to the template creation menu.

Here, you can start customizing your template to send out to the client. 

  1. Type in a unique Title for the contract 
  2. Now, you can start creating your template. (Wesat has provided you a standard contract template that you can use and edit if needed) 
  3. You can format the contract however you’d like. Pictures and attachments can even be added in if needed.  

Make sure you use the Smart Fields where you can. These fields automatically fill in based on the project you send the contract from. For example, a client’s full name will be updated per project so that you don’t have to.



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