How to navigate through a project

Once you create your first project there are many features of the project that will help you see what needs to be done, documents sent and reviewed by your client, payments, and your tasks left to do. 


The first tab, Dashboard, gives you a high-level overview of where your project stands in terms of current status and pending documents. 

You can manually select the Project Stage you are in or you can also use Automation to automatically go from one stage to another based on unique triggers. To learn more about automation see Adding automations to your workflow. 

To the right of your Project Stage you can see all your pending documents that have been sent, but not yet completed. 


The next tab over is where you can create and view your documents in detail. See How to add documents to projects for a step by step guide on how to add a document. 


Will show you all pending payments and paid payments for this project. To see how you can manage your payment see How do I get paid


This is where you can upload any file type related to the project such as pictures, pdf, txt files, excel files, and even videos. 


The details tab will show you some important information regarding the project such as stage, start and end date, your client, and the portal link, which is what your client sees all information and documents related to this project.


This tab will allow you to add and see all tasks related to just this project. This way you can keep track of what is left to do for this project and go over what has been accomplished. 

Calendar Events

Calendar events shows you all the events you have set for this project. Add events like the wedding date for your photo shoot, when the final design documents are due to the client, and meeting appointments. See How do I add events to my calendar to learn more. 


This is a good spot to put anything that you consider important to reflect on later as notes. You can add ideas for the project or feedback that has been given to you by the client on the work you have done so far.  

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