Creating change orders has never been easier. 

Once you have a proposal that has been accepted by the client you can still make changes to your proposal through a Change order. If you still need to send a proposal, take a look at How to create and send a proposal

How to create a change order

  1. First, go to your project.
  2. Then select Documents.
  3. Click the drop down menu of your accepted proposal.

  4. Select Create Change Order.
5. Now here you can see the original proposal, but the title now shows this as a               change order. Here you can add, adjust, or delete items.
  6. The change order automatically saves and once you are done, just click Back.
7. The change order is added as a document and now you can click on Send this             document to take you to the email creation.
  8. Once you have reviewed and made any necessary changes to the email, just click       Send. 

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