To create a invoice you need to first have an accepted proposal. To learn how to create and send a proposal, see Create and send a proposal

So you have an accepted proposal and now it's time to send an invoice to your client. 

  1. Go to the project that contains your accepted proposal
  2. Then, select Documents.
  3. Next, click on the drop down menu at the top corner of your accepted proposal document 

  4. Then, select Generate Invoice.
5. Here you can have your Amount type be either "Split evenly" which will split the           payments evenly based on the number of payments you add to the Payment                 Schedule, or you can select Custom Amount. This allows you to then set up the           amount for each scheduled payment Due Date.

  6. Next, click on Add document to project
7. Now your invoice has been added to your project and the next step is to click               Send this document.
8. Finally, review the default email template before clicking Send.

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