Creating a clean looking invoice has never been easier.

To start generating your own invoice, just go to your Dashboard and click on Create Invoice under Quick Actions.

Then, type in any invoice number that is unique to you.

Next, put in the issued and due date for your invoice.

Then you can provide an optional description of what this invoice is for such as work or materials that are being provided to your client.

Next, put in an image where your initials are.

Then under the Bill To you can put in your client's info such as the Client name, email, phone number, and address.

Your Bill From will automatically be populated if you have an account with us, if not, you'll need to provide your name and if you want your email, phone number, and address.

Next, add in the items that are part of this invoice by clicking on the plus sign next to Add item.

Apply the relative accepted payment methods and processing fee that you'd like set for this invoice.

The last step before finalizing your invoice is providing your payment terms and any client notes that you'd like to add. \

Optionally, you can set up recurring invoices if you have an account with Wesat.

Finally, you can either send it to your client directly from here or download a PDF version that you can send however you'd like.

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