Growing a graphics design business isn't easy. Between working on projects, dealing with new inquiries and all the paperwork that comes with managing a business, it's obvious to see why growing your business drops from the top of your priority list. That's why we think having the right tools can guide you back towards being able to focus on your clients whilst growing your business, saving you time and money, and most important of all, take back control of your schedule.


Templates are what you can use to create documents once and then reuse them as many times as you want for future project.


You can either create your own contract template or you can use our Wesat contract template to get peace of mind with regard to what you are providing to your client for their signature..

You can get a free contract template by starting a Wesat trial here (no credit card required and free for up to 3 clients).


With questionnaire templates you can create new client intake forms to better understand what your client is looking for. This could be in regard to what they want to achieve with the design, who the the target audience is color theme, and many more questions. You only have to set this questionnaire up once, and then you can use it for any new clients that you take on.

This is an example of what you can create and what your client would see. Note that the image in the banner is customizable to anything you'd like. Also, there are many different kinds of questions you can add. To learn more, check out Creating a questionnaire.


With email templates, you can create an email once and then reuse it for all other clients. For example, you can create a New Client Prospect email, like the one below, to send to any jobs that you want to make yourself available for.

You can use Smart Fields that change depending on the client you are sending the email to and/or project. Click the following to learn more about how to use Smart Fields.



Creating clean and unique proposals to send to your clients determines the difference between a prospect client and a paid client. You can create a professional proposal, outlining the services that you will provide to your clients for their graphic design needs.

Online invoicing

Instead of emailing your invoices and waiting for paper checks you can accept online payments. Studies have shown that small businesses that accept online payments make 2x more than those that don't. Plus, it's faster.


Running your business either alone or even as a small team can be a challenge, but being able to keep you on track by giving you reminders, sending your documents, and even keeping your project statuses automatically updated can mean more time for you to put towards serving your client.

Automations does just that. It's like having your own personal assistant to help you make sure all the mundane tasks that are important to you are completed.

Take the below for example. Whenever you get a new client, you can set automations up so it will automatically create a task that will remind you to set up a meeting with your new client or maybe send them a New Client questionnaire.

These are just a few of the ways Wesat can guide you to overcome many of the challenges you face with your graphics design business. Most importantly though, it will give you the peace of mind you need to successfully run your business. This way, you can focus on providing amazing graphics for your clients.

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