Managing a construction business is an extremely hard job and and even harder one if you don't have the proper tools. You need to keep track of your client, track expenses, get change orders done in a timely manner, and most importantly, get paid.

Keeping Organized

Juggling the tremendous amount of work whilst staying organized in a business such as construction, can be an extremely challenging task.

As a contractor, you should be able to focus on your project at hand and whilst feeling at ease with all the business aspects of it from expenses and invoices to change orders and payments.


Projects are your client communication hub. You'll be using your projects to send emails, contracts, invoices, change orders, proposals, and questionnaires to your client. You can even keep track of tasks for each of your projects.

You can get access to everything related to your construction project right from here


Creating a clean and unique proposal to send to your clients determines the difference between a prospect client and a paid client. You can create a professional proposal that outlines the services that you will provide for the construction project.

The client can view and accept all documents that you send them through their own unique client portal

Change Orders

One of the largest aspects of any construction project is change orders. Having the tools to manage change orders so you don't feel overwhelmed with keeping track of them all, is key to a successful project.

You can easily submit change orders for your projects with a click of a button. This will generate a change order, as shown below, where it will then be sent to the client for review and approval.


Running your construction business can be a challenge even after years of experience, but being able to keep you on track by giving you reminders, sending your documents, and even keeping your project statuses automatically updated can mean more time for you to put towards serving your client.

Automations does just that. It's like having your own personal assistant to help you make sure all the mundane tasks that are important to you are completed.

Take the below for example. Whenever you get a new client, you can set automations up so it will automatically create a task that will remind you to set up a meeting with your new client or maybe send them a New Client questionnaire.

Payment Plans

Having the flexibility of providing your clients with different kinds of payment plans opens up even more opportunities to grow for your construction business. Imagine having a large scale multi lot development project. That can be a significant amount of money and time. Having a structured payment plan that both you and the client or investor can agree on is crucial.

After you and your client agree on the proposal, you can create an invoice for your project. In your invoice you can set a payment structure that is acceptable for everyone and allows you to feel at ease with getting paid based on the invoice that was sent to your client.

These are just a few of the ways Wesat can guide you to overcome many of the challenges you face with your construction business. Most importantly though, it will give you the peace of mind you need in order to run your business so you can focus on the construction project at hand.

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